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Promoting health through sport!

7700 km to run in 7 months

Why run across le Canada?

Currently, one of the biggest health problems in Quebec is obesity. This problem can lead to serious health problems such as type 2 diabetes and different types of heart problems. Obesity is directly related to sedentary lifestyles (physical inactivity) and malnutrition. In this sense, our organization wants to remedy the urgent situation to improve the health conditions of young and old in Quebec. Crossing Canada in running is the way we use to achieve this goal that is extremely important to our society. Through this race, we can meet people to explain the importance of adopting an active lifestyle from a young age. We can also allow people to move by inviting them to run with us. With this race, we will be able to raise funds to encourage projects to develop healthy lifestyles through sport. The development of health through the practice of sport! Finally, we want to transmit the essentials in the adoption of an active lifestyle, that is to say, the pleasure to move by our passion: Running (and all other physical activities).

The essence of our project

Cours pour ta vie is a non-profit organization whose goal is to develop health through the practice of sport and healthy lifestyles.

The team will cross Canada in running to:

• Develop health through sport;
• Promote and explain healthy lifestyles and the importance of having an active lifestyle;
• Raise funds to financially assist Québec sports organizations;
• Inspire people by showing the pleasure of moving;
• Conferences in high schools and CEGEPs;
• Provide opportunities to move.

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The team

Christopher Gagné

I am presently at my last session at Cégep. I would like to pursue my studies at a university in a field related to the human being. I first started doing track disciplines in athletics at the age of 13-14. I have gradually changed for road racing and trail riding. Since then, racing is deeply rooted in my values ​​and my routine. I love this sport for all its physical and psychological benefits.

Jean-Christophe Renaud

A physical educator by training, I am a passionate runner for about 8 years. Physical activity has always been part of my life and I have the ambition to want to transmit pleasure and the desire to move with as many people as possible.

Michael Houle

Trained in the rudiments of cinema, I am specialized in the profession of lighting designer. Sport has always been a passion for me. I first started out in athletics and eventually discovered hockey. Physical activity is paramount in my life.


10 provinces

Terre Neuve et Labrador/Newfoundland and Labrador

11 mars au 4 avril 2017/March 11th to april 4th, 2017.
Distance: 954 km

Nouvelle Écosse/Nova Scotia

5 avril au 16 avril 2017/ april 5th to april 16th, 2017.
Distance : 462 km.

Île du Prince Édouard/Prince Edward Island

17 et 18 avril 2017/april 17th and 18th, 2017.
Distance : 84 km.

Nouveau-Brunswick/New Brunswick

18 avril au 1er mai 2017/ april 18th to may 1st, 2017.
Distance : 588km.


2 mai au 28 mai 2017/may 2nd to may 28th, 2017.
Distance : 1050 km.


30 mai au 18 juillet 2017/May 30th to July 18th, 2017.
Distance : 1890 km.


19 juillet au 31 juillet 2017/July 19th to July 31th, 2017.
Distance : 462 km.


1 août au 18 août 2017. August 1st to august 18th, 2017.
Distance : 672 km.


19 août au 1er septembre 2017/August 19th to September 1st, 2017.
Distance : 378 km.

Colombie-Britannique/British Colombia

2 septembre au 1er octobre 2017/September 2nd to october 1st, 2017.
Distance : 1050 km.

Important Cities

St. John's
Corner Brook
New Glasgow
Waterloo, Qc
North Bay
Sault Ste. Marie
Thunder Bay
Medicine hat