Our logo!

Where did the idea for the logo come from? Well, we must go back a few months to understand the the DSC_6363-300x199origin. I am an avid runner. I have been running since I was about 14 years old. Then, in September 2015, I decided to get a tattoo something symbolic and would represent my passion for this sport. It’s not easy to choose what you want, especially when it is on the body and for life. I finally opted for the trace of a running shoe with “Born to Run” written on my calf. I am very happy with the result.

We were inspired by my tattoo to create the first sketch of the logo of our organization. Subsequently, we asked the cousin of Jean-Christophe, who is a graphic designer to help us to work on computers, because neither Jean-Christophe nor I had the knowledge to use Photoshop. She sent us a few different logos from which we could choose the one we preferred. We fell in love with our current logo. A big thank you to the cousin of Jean-Christophe for the wonderful logo!

Here is the evolution of our logo:

logo12736113_780551628715423_1098818701_nVersion 2

Christopher Gagné