Half marathon on ice

This half marathon on ice was a first for me. I almost participated last year, but a nasty injury prevented me from doing so. This race is part of an ensemble of races that took place in Ange-Gardien. I would like to hightlight just how interesting this racing circuit is, since we discover various corners of Quebec with artisans and very interesting people.

Concerning the race, I had run 21,1km. Since the beginning of our training for crossing Canada, we had not run any races à 100%. We ran many kilometers without going extremely fast. For this half marathon, I was venturing into the unknown. Would my speed have changed? I really wondered how my body would react. Personally, I like to dive into the unexpected and adjust my course according to the feeling of the moment. I still had strategy though: not starting too fast in order to faltering in mid-race and accelerating depending on the strength of my legs as the race progressed.

The gun goes off and we go! I started running and my thoughts were going quickly: racing departures are always very fast and I couldn’t allow myself to get caught up in the momentum. Still, I couldn’t be too slow, it’s still a race and you have to perform. Oh! The route goes up, I must not give too much right now because this “faux plat” seems eternal. I must keep my pace. It’s tempting to want to accelerate when going up a slope, but I have to hold back, I have a while to go yet. I like this pace, I feel good. You could go even faster, you don’t want to have a disappointing time. Hey! Don’t forget there is still a lot left! Ok, ok, the pace is maintained. This is the halfway point and I feel good! We will be able to accelerate! Hey, wait up; you still have 10km left, that’s quite a bit. Yeah … ok I increase the speed but very slowly. I feel good, I am not suffering too much, my breath is good and my legs hold well. Some riders slow down, or am I suddenly faster? Do not think of others; keep the rhythm and even better if you catch up to them with that speed. I do not stop at the water points: I have my Cammelback yeah! Only 5km left! Ok there is still a lot to me energy I could have gone a little faster … go go go! Wooo not too much, I don’t want to suffer too much … Hey! It’s an endurance race, you can suffer! You’re able to take a lot more than that. Forget that thought two seconds; you have exceeded 4 riders, it’s positive. What!!! Only 1 km!!! Come on, we give it all !!! What is my time ?? Phew … a little slow. I really could go faster. Well, it’s not so bad anyway, I’ve got to see the positive: my legs are in shape, nothing painful!

My thoughts have ceased to be hectic a bit after the race and life begins again. I love thinking that way during a race, being alone with myself and having to perform an internal management to achieve the best possible result.

In the end, it was a good race even though I held back a little too much.

I hope you have enjoyed being briefly in the head of a runner.