Day 2 E&E Drive In

Cours pour ta vie

March 12th Conception Bay south to Brigus

Second day of this great adventure. We are as motivated despite yesterday. I was a little disappointed because we didn’t reached our daily goal of 30 km for JC and 25 km for me for the first two weeks or so. I wanted to catch up with my deficit using our days off.  We are getting ready slowly. We don’t really have time to get up apart that Jean-Christophe is the first to get up, followed by me and then Michael. Cours pour ta vieLet’s say I like to stay in the blankets as much as I can to stay warm, because it’s pretty chilly in the morning. We take the road. We went to where Jean-Christophe had stopped the day before and that the trailer had turned to the side so that I could start my run. A fifteen km that went very well. There were a few squalls of winds, but not at all comparable to our departure. Turn to my running partner to run. To stretch his legs, Michael went to run with Jean-Christophe for his last eight kilometers. While I was waiting for them, I went to see the cashier in a convenience store to ask her if she knew a place not too far away where we could spend the night, because we were far from big cities. She suggested us to go to a little canteen a little further away. I told the guys the information, because it was my turn to take the road for ten kilometers. When they picked me up at the end of my run, they told me that the owner of the E & E canteen, Tony, would let us stay overnight in his parents’ yard at the back of the little canteen. We chatted with him. Tony is a very nice and social person. He offered us supper and filled our water tanks. We couldn’t ask for more. We ate well tonight watching a movie. He came to wish us good night and we finished getting ready for the next day.