Day 6 Terra Nova National Park

Cours pour ta vie

March 16th Clarenville to Traytown

A nice day today. Starting with a wake up at 9:00. We spent the night in the Clarenville Walmart. At around 9:30 am, we were on the road to drop me of on the Trans-Canada Highway. Meanwhile, I was finishing breakfast and getting ready. It was nice outside. Finally! A beautiful blue sky, some clouds and a nice big sun. With a temperature of 3 ° C.  For me, it is almost the ideal temperature for running. I say almost because I prefer running in shorts rather than to wear running tights. It was hard to run the firsts km, because Michael had massaged my calves the day before. Finally, my body was ready. I run around 5 minutes per kilometer. I finish my 20 km with one of these hunger! It is crazy the amount of food I eat each day! I probably have to eat double if it’s not triple what I usually eat. So, pasta, vegetables, a toast, a lot of water and a serving of Brisk (maple syrup) and then I was satiated. I went to doze a bit and even fell asleep. Oops. Let me tell you that I did not want to run ten kilometers after this nap. We are still preparing for the same routine as in the morning. This time it was different, because it was the afternoon and I was a little bit hot during my run. To my amazement, the run was easy. Is the nap the reason or is it the adrenaline? i have no idea. On the other hand, I can tell you that I ran 12 km instead of 10km. The guys didn’t even see me run by the first stop. It’s only 45 minutes later that they decided to call me to find out where I was. Me, I reply stupidly: “Bah, I run and I just reached my 10km.” They told me they were coming to pick me up. I had time to run two more kilometers. We went to buy only some food in a grocery store called Foodland in Traytown, because everything was very expensive. We asked the cashere if she knew a place nearby where we could spend the night. She suggested the parking of the village clinic. So now it is 22:30. I say, “Good night!”